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What does it mean to play at online casinos?

Playing at an online casino essentially means participating in games for real money through the use of the Internet.

You will need to create an account, which is the same process as with many various e-commerce sites. This allows you to access a series of betting services comparable to those offered by classic land-based gambling venues, which are commonly found in the most exclusive locations around the the world.

The appearance and evolution of online gaming has opened the door to a series of new and interesting opportunities for enthusiasts of this activity, including:

  • Possibility to play anywhere, at any time: no need to travel, no reservations and no time constraints to follow are some of the benefits of choosing an online casino. The requirements to play online are very few. All you need is to be over the legal age to gamble in your country, have a device with an internet connection and also have access to a "digital" payment method. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up an account and make a deposit. That is how quickly you can be playing.
  • Continuous availability of promotions: the gambling industry represents a very competitive sector. Land-based casinos, located within a city or a specific region, focus on hospitality and the quality of their games and services. As internet-based ones do not have a physical location, most operators offer cash promotions and other types of bonuses to help them stand out from the crowd. These often afford the player with more money to play with than has actually been deposited into their accounts.
  • Wide selection of games: the number of classic game variations such as roulette, baccarat and blackjack, and the newer interactive slot machines available for those who play online is incredibly high. Did you know that the current largest gaming platform offers more than 2,000 different slot games? In general, it is rare to find a gambling platform with less than 200 different games. Furthermore, the average payout of the games available online is over 95% and in some cases it reaches 97%. This is much higher than their land-based counterparts.

However, not all that glitters is gold. If you decide to risk your money, you need to consider some aspects of particular importance when playing these games online:

  • Limitations and requirements on the bonuses: even if the promotions offered to players seem very similar to each other, they often differ in their terms and conditions and wagering requirements. Most experienced players know the importance of reading all the information related to a promotion before claiming it. For newcomers, our website has a "Latest Offers" section. This is a valid starting point (although, we still recommend reading all the information on the official websites of the operators, as their terms and conditions do often change).
  • Timing and limitations for withdrawals: when you play at a traditional casino, you take your chips off the table and go to the cage to cash them in. Things work differently online. A player must make a withdrawal request and payment will be made electronically. Usually, there are specific processing times for each type of payment method. Furthermore, several sites impose daily or monthly limits on the amount that can be withdrawn. These aspects can make the difference between a good operator and a lower ranking one.
  • Maintain control of the gaming activity: online gambling can expose you to considerable financial loss. The simplicity in making deposits, combined with the amount of games available, can in fact lead you to spend more than you expected. All reputable casinos offer a range of tools for controlling your gaming activity, including setting limits and other services to stem financial losses. Make use of these tools and always look for the right games for the budget that you have.

Simple tips on how to play online

Are you confident that you know all you need to before you start playing? Check out these tips to make sure you haven't missed anything!

There are many variables to factor in when choosing the best online casino for you, such as legality, security, general assistance and payouts. It is also wise to gamble "smart". The house makes the majority of its money from reckless play, so don't join that statistic. Follow our tips and help yourself to maximise the quality of your gaming experience.

  1. Play only if gambling is legal in your country and always choose an operator with all the licences necessary to operate according to the law. Only in this case will you have the guarantee of safety and fair gaming. We have done our utmost to filter contents based on visitor's country, however remember to always double check on the official operators' websites as well.
  2. Play just for fun, not to get rich. Set limits and remember that trying to compensate for losses at any cost is always a wrong choice.
  3. Limit the time you spend betting online. Short game sessions followed by long intervals can help you stay in control.
  4. Never play when you are in an altered state, regardless of the cause. Keeping your mind clear is a real golden rule for all players.
  5. Don't play randomly! Before betting real money, practice and learn the rules of the games. You can do this in "demo play" mode, which is available for nearly all virtual games at most casinos.
  6. Look for a gaming operator with first-class customer service. Every player will have a question or two and you want to know that customer support is available when called upon, preferably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  7. Read all the regulations, especially regarding bonuses and promotions. It can be a tedious operation, but this can prevent you from some headaches later on. In addition to the wagering requirements, you need to review the game weighting contribution towards clearing the wagering. As a general rule, most video slots will be 100% whereas table games may be 20% or lower. However, these figures vary greatly from one operator to the next, which is why you should look in advance.
  8. Choose games with caution. Slot machines, for example, have very different levels of variance. Some pay often, but the wins are small. Others will rarely pay, but the payouts are far greater when they do. Additionally, keep in mind the money you have available and the amount you want to wager for each single bet.

Minimise risks: adopt the right behaviour!

As players, we know that luck is a very fickle friend. After reading the regulations, having correctly chosen the budget and style of play, learned the basic rules and strategies to minimise the house edge, there is nothing to do but rely on chance and the much-loved Goddess of Fortune.

However, even when relying on chance, it is important to always adopt the right behaviour:

  • Only play with money you can afford to lose. That way, even if you don't get a win, you can walk away and not worry about it.
  • When you start playing, try to consider the money paid into your gambling account as an expense made over time, like a ticket paid in advance. If you get a win, that's better. Otherwise, you've spent time having fun.
  • Once you decide to make a withdrawal, stick to this decision. Some operators allow you to cancel a withdrawal that you requested but it has not yet been processed. Do not do it. Never!
  • Never play with the assumption that "today will be your lucky day", just because you have not had a good win recently. Every spin of the slots, number on roulette or card drawn at blackjack is completely random and has nothing to do with what happened in a previous game session. Be smart and don't believe in myths and superstitions.
  • Don't believe charlatans who offer you betting systems that ensure incredible winnings, especially if you are asked for money to get them. At the moment, there are no 100% safe systems to beat the house.
  • Do not try to be smart and violate casino regulations, especially those related to bonuses. The most likely result of an action of this type is the immediate suspension of your gaming account with your funds frozen in it.

Why is different

The difference between and the other websites in this space is that we are players ourselves. Each member of this team has been where you are now. We know the feeling of looking for that first site to join, the uncertainty as to how casino bonuses work and what exactly are wagering requirements. We've experienced the doubts of sharing personal and financial information across the internet and tasted the joy of playing our first games online.

We believe all forms of online gambling must remain fun and entertaining but we also know of the dangers that can arise from playing with real money. To this end, we have published multiple resources on responsible gambling and highlighted the casinos which emulate our ethos.