Everyone thinks that you only need luck to win at slot machines, but is that really true? The fact is that there are certain tricks that may increase the probability to hit a good win!

Tips for slot machines

One of the most appealing features of playing slot machines is that any spin offers you the chance to win.

You don't have to learn or memorize any complicated strategies, all you do is insert your money, hit the spin button (or pull the lever), and watch as the symbols fall into position on the reels.

Despite the fact that slot machines are largely based on luck, you can still employ strategies to tip the odds in your favor, or at least improve them.

Look for progressive Slot Machines

The single-most important factor is to keep a close watch on Progressive Jackpots offered on the slot machines. Unlike straight slot machines that have the same odds no matter what day you play, or what time of the day or night you play, the odds on progressive slot machines are dynamic, depending on the size of the jackpot. Playing a progressive slot machine can even be profitable for you to play if you don't win the jackpot.

That being said, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start playing a progressive jackpot slot machine. Most of these types of slot machines require you to play the maximum number of coins to have a shot at the jackpot. However, this is not always the case, some of these machines will give you the best chance to win the jackpot if you play the max bet, but still give you an opportunity to win a nice payout when betting smaller. Just be sure to read the rules of each progressive jackpot slot machine before you start inserting your money into it.

Examine pay tables

Not all slots pay the same, even if they offer the same game. There are several ways slot machines will pay. If you get the right combination of symbols, there are some straight slot machines that offer huge payouts despite the fact they are not linked to a progressive jackpot, while others mainly offer smaller payouts.

Take the extra time to look at each paytable of slot machines you are interested in playing, and then compare them. The slot machines to play are obviously the ones offering the best payouts.

Examine bonus features

Aside from the entertainment value of bonus features offered in many of the modern slot machines, they can sometimes be the most frustrating. You can play for a very long time before you activate a bonus game, or maybe you get into a bonus round to end up only winning a small payout, or even nothing at all, depending on the slot machine you are playing.

Take a close look at each of the bonus games to find out what is required to unlock them, and then what to expect when playing them. Finding a slot machine offering lucrative bonus features that are relatively easy to activate, ensures that you will enjoy playing the machine and maybe win some especially nice payouts.

Count the symbols and paylines

Counting the number of symbols there are on any given slot machine is something that many players ignore. It makes perfect sense to reason the logic: the more symbols that can appear on the reels, the harder it will be to form winning combinations. Just the opposite is true with a slot that has ten or less symbols, which is likely to payout more often.

Players didn't have many ways to win on older slots with 3 reels and 1 payline across the center that would payout when three matching symbols happened to be positioned on it. A whole new world is open to players with slot machines offering multiple paylines, essentially giving you dozens of potential ways to win on every spin.

Even more robust are the 243 Ways to Win slot machines, offering you the ability to cover every possible winning combination with one price, as opposed to having to bet more than one coin per active payline, which typically offers you the best value, and maximizes your chances to win.

Understand randomness

One single factor related to the slot machines of today that you can do nothing about, is the random number generator (RNG) that controls the outcome of each and every spin, yet despite the fact we cannot control the randomness, it is the one thing we try to control more than anything else.

No strategy claiming to allow you the ability to control it is worth the time it takes you to read it. Understand that each spin on a slot is independent and accept the fact you have no control over the outcome.

Check coin options

Most online slot machines offer the chance for you to play a variety of denominations. Try to resist the temptation of playing the biggest denomination for the chance to win bigger payouts, because it isn't always the best choice you can make. You will always have better chances of winning if you can cover all the paylines, or play the max bet per spin. If you play the biggest denomination, chances are you will deplete your bankroll much sooner than you can play to win. You should balance the cost to play with the potential to win.

Try before you buy

Would you buy a car sold 'as-is' sight unseen with conditions that all sales are final? That would be highly unreasonable, and would probably prove to be costly at your own expense. Most of us would not buy a car without test driving it first, and demo play is offered for the purpose of giving you the ability to try before you buy, to see if the game is right for you. Doing this will help to avoid spending your own money on games that you end up not liking. You should only play slot machines with your own money once you are certain you will get the most enjoyment from playing the machine.

Take advantage of promotions

It is worth the time it takes to do a little research on slot-specific promotions. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions that apply, as there are always rules to abide by. If you should happen to inadvertently compromise the terms of the bonus, any winnings you acquire will be void.

If there is no cost for you to take advantage of a casino promotion, once you fully understand the terms, it is definitely worth it to take advantage of those that interest you. Even a few free spins have the potential to help you earn big payouts.

As an existing player of any online casino, be sure to watch for any offers that may interest you by keeping a close eye on the promotions page to stay informed on free spin offers or other incentives that will make it worth your while to play a slot that you would not otherwise play.

Utilize casinos welcome bonuses

Be sure to use the opportunity to take advantage of the online casino welcome bonuses. Why not play with their money? This gives you a chance to try different games, or maybe increase your bet per spin, and even win jackpots without spending your own money.

Here again, it is worth the time to do a little research before you finalize your decision on which online casino welcome bonus is the best option for you. Do not forget to check the list of casinos online we have chosen for you: they are the most reliable casinos on the Internet and offer amazing bonuses to its new players.

Exercise responsible gambling!

Always remember that all forms of gambling, both at online and in land-based casinos, are for entertainment purposes only. You should never play beyond your means no matter how big the jackpot is, or how much potential there is to win it.

Last update: 30-09-2019