How is Betfair preventing gambling addictions? Find out what action it is taking to ensure that its customers gamble responsibly when using its online services.

Responsible gambling Betfair casino

Betfair is far and away the world's largest online betting exchange, plus it offers a traditional sportsbook, casino, live casino, poker and bingo.

Basically, it boasts one of the most comprehensive gambling sites on the internet.

Yet, with this much power comes a lot of responsibility, especially in the area of problem gambling. Therefore, let us take a closer look at the information and tools it has available for customers to use.

My Gambling: limits, reality checks & more?

The responsible gambling section of Betfair's website is neatly laid out so finding what you need is easy. The first tab up on the menu is 'My Gambling' and this digs into the heart of the matter immediately with some crucial advice on maintaining control of your gambling activities.

It follows on with a series of actions you can take to ensure that this pastime remains purely a form of entertainment:

  • Setting Limits - Betfair casino offers three types of limits players can impose upon themselves. The first is Deposit Limits. This allows you to control how much money flows into your account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The next is a Loss Limit which can be set across the entire platform or just on specific products. Lastly, you have a Transfer limit, this is to avoid you drawing too much money from one part of the site and spending it elsewhere. For instance, you may have plenty of success at the poker tables but blow it all on video slots. A loss limit can help prevent this.
  • Reality Checks - This is quite simply a clock feature which gives you reminders at set intervals to make you aware of how long you've been playing. Casino games and slot machines are designed to be immersive, so it's easy to lose track of time. These are useful if you just want to spend a few hours playing in the evening before calling it a wrap for the day.
  • Take a Break - Betfair labels these 'Time Out Tools'. Players can freeze their accounts for 24, 48, 72 hours or 7 or 30 days. Once this decision has been made, there is no going back. It's always good to take breather once in a while, so this is a good tool to use.
  • Self Exclusion - This takes things a step further. Betfair has self exclusion settings starting from six months and going up to five years. This can mean blocking the whole site or just specific products.

Health Check: the tools to help evaluate

Whilst the information and tools mentioned above are designed to take action, the Health Check section is for assessing. Betfair offers three tools to assist customers:

  1. Budget Calculator - This is a nifty tool in which you input your salary (after tax) and contrast it against your monthly outgoings. It breaks things down into easy-to-read percentages where your wages are spent and what's left over.
  2. Diary - Here the player simply fills in "their betting diary" on a daily basis to provide an overview of exactly how much time and money is being spent in the casino and on which games.
  3. Self Assessment - Betfair offers a 13-question assessment which require 'yes/no' answers. Upon completion, a brief synopsis is given regarding the result. If assistance is required, the player is given links to the appropriate support groups.

Help & Support for problem gamblers

Importantly, there are many links to professional organisations which can help those in need. These are broken down into UK-based and international. The list includes well-known services like Gamblers Anonymous, GAMSTOP, Gordon Moody and Sedqa (Malta).
There is a brief introduction to what each organisation offers plus contact details for players to reach out.

Furthermore, Betfair has a live chat feature available. This is not offering professional advice, but rather giving direction on the most suitable organisation to speak to depending on your exact problem. This may not seem like a big deal, but often it is useful to talk to someone that you don't know to help you see the light.


Gambling addiction is a very real problem that can have severe consequences for not only the person directly affected but those around him or her. Betfair is now providing the tools for players to take control.

Essentially, it is asking them to reflect on their interest of gambling and to honestly assess if it is healthy or not. This is a step in the right direction by Betfair, and it's pleasing to know that it does take responsible gambling seriously.

Last update: 30-09-2019