An in-depth look at how Paddy Power is tackling the issue of gambling addiction by helping players strike the right balance whilst playing online.

Responsible gambling at Paddy Power

Over the past several years there has been a big push by the UK Gambling Commission and other leading regulators for online gambling operators to be more active in advocating the need for responsible gambling.

Paddy Power, which is one of the UK's biggest brands, has taken the bull by the horns and produced an abundance of material and tools to assist its customers in maintaining the right balance of play.

This may sound like a very obvious question, but the fact is there isn't a black and white answer. The main definition most agree upon is: "Problem gambling is the compulsive act to gamble whilst aware of the negative consequences that may arise from it".

This broad description covers people from different backgrounds because each player's disposal income varies, so it's impossible to attach a specific figure in terms of financial impact.

How Paddy Power is aiming to help?

Paddy Power's responsible gambling literature contains a wealth of high-quality information designed for players, and their friends and family, to help identify and remedy the potential harms of problem gambling. This includes:

  • Tips for betting sensibly - General information such as don't go chasing losses and don't gamble when upset or depressed are among the list of tips offered
  • Limiting a player's account - within every customer account, Paddy Power provides several features for players to take control, such as setting deposit and loss limits, reality checks and product exclusions
  • Taking a break from Paddy Power - there are several options players can enforce in this area. They include short breaks ranging from one to thirty days, long breaks which range from six months to five years and a self-activated lifetime break
  • Third party measures to finding help - Paddy Power provides information on how to block gambling sites using software like GamBlock and Betfilter. You can also find contact details for a host of professional organisations to help with both problem gambling and debt and financial advice

Paddy Power's responsible gambling tools

Three main tools are provided by Paddy Power to help players. The first is a self-assessment study form. This is a 10-point questionnaire asking about your thoughts, emotions and reactions to certain scenarios. If you answer four or more positively, it is suggested that you contact professional help for the problem.

It also provides a betting diary and a betting budget calculator. The diary requires you state the date, game, location, time spent and total bet during the session.

Whereas, the budget calculator get players to break down their income and deduct the usual outgoings to clearly see what spare money is left over for entertainment purposes. Often the shock of seeing something written in black and white can highlight any issues before they become too serious.


Paddy Power is clearing making an effort to enhance its responsible gambling content. There is definitely enough information here to help players who want to help themselves.

This, is the key component in our opinion. It's the old saying, "You can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink". Certainly, the help and tools are available but is it all to player-centred at this point in time?

Yet, given the wide number of variables as to who constitutes as a problem gambler, can it be any other way?

For now, it's pleasing to seeing Paddy Power stepping up to the plate and showing other operators the way forward.

Last update: 30-09-2019