Responsible gambling is an essential part of an online casino’s profile, so how does LVBet perform in this vital area?

Responsible gambling at LvBet casino

All UK and MGA licenced casinos must offer information related to responsible gambling. Some sites have gone the extra mile and developed their own tools, and they also actively promote responsible gambling on the homepage of their sites.

This page assesses LVBet’s responsible gambling measures. We look at the tools it offers and the advice it provides. Is it doing enough to tackle problem gambling? Let’s find out.

LVBet Responsible Gambling

Players can find information related to responsible gambling using the link found at the bottom of the homepage. To ensure that its clients gamble in a responsible manner. This page offers healthy gambling tips, tools, and links to professional organisations.

LVBet’s Responsible Gambling Tools

There are five primary tools which all LVBet customers have access to. CasinoAward strongly advises all players to utilise these to keep their gambling under control. The tools include:

  • Limits on deposits - Set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit. This is particularly recommended if you use more than one payment method as it keeps an account of your expenditure for you.
  • Limits on wagers and losses - It can be sometimes tempting to up the ante on your bets, but are you in a financial position to do so? Wagering limits prevents you from going too far. Furthermore, limits on losses can stop you from chasing money on a bad day.
  • Limits on session time - Casino gaming is immersive. It’s meant to be to attract players to play more. However, spending too much time playing can have adverse effects on your life. This tool is the answer.
  • Take a short break - You can if you want to get away from the casino, take a short break for one week up to six months.
  • Self-exclusion for an indefinite period of time - If you need longer than six months, the self-exclusion tool can extend this indefinitely. For those who sense that their gambling is becoming problematic, this is the tool you need.

LVBet’s Responsible Gambling Advice

In addition to the limit tools, LVBet provides plenty of advice and gambling tips to keep its player’s gambling at a level which is fun and harmless.

To be honest, most of this is good common sense, and rules which every player should adopt regardless, such as:

  1. Decide on a loss (or time) limit for your session and stick to it
  2. Never borrow money to gamble with
  3. Take regular breaks when playing
  4. Remember, there is a life outside of online gambling
  5. Budget your living expenses. Don’t gamble with money that you need to pay bills

The page continues with a questionnaire that can help evaluate if you (or someone you know) is developing an addiction to gambling. Ultimately, all players need to be honest with themselves.

This is not about you being judged; it’s a form of self-assessment that can help you understand more clearly if you are heading down the wrong path


LVBet also includes a healthy gambling quiz that we recommend players to take.

Protecting Minors

Another area LVBet covers is giving advice to parents, which is particularly important to prevent underage gambling within society. Once again, these are simple actions, but it’s still worth reminding yourself of them.

  • Don’t leave your computer, tablet or phone unattended when the casino software is open
  • Make certain no one knows your password, and don’t have it auto-saved
  • Keep your credit/debit cards that you use for gambling away from your children
  • Use 2FA authentication if available, so your account cannot be accessed from a different device

Furthermore, you can find information out regarding internet filtering tools, such as and, that are available to parents for blocking inappropriate content for minors.

External Support Services

It’s compulsory for responsible gambling pages to provide numerous support services that are in place to help those who need it. Each one of these organisations is professionally trained to offer the best assistance.


Our staff at CasinoAward have explored many responsible gambling pages at various online casinos. LVBet’s tools and advice are comparable with many of them, but we would still like to see it do a bit more.

For instance, we appreciate websites that remind players to gamble responsibly by inserting a banner at the top of the homepage.

Also, some operators have developed their own tools which monitor a player’s activity and alerts them if there is possible harm.

That said, LVBet is a responsible operator, and the players themselves must use the tools provided to make sure playing here remains fun.

Last update: 10-04-2020