LeoVegas has introduced the LeoSafe tool whose goal is make sure that the players assume a responsible gambling attitude, all the time.

LeoSafe Play

There has been a big push in recent years, led by the UK Gambling Commission, to highlight the need for responsible gambling. Online casino and sportsbook operator LeoVegas has risen to the task with the development of LeoSafePlay.

LeoSafePlay is an all-in-one help centre complete with tools and advice for players that are gambling more than they would like to, or are spending more than they can afford.

It also covers areas such as identification of problem gambling in yourself and others and measures to deal with underage online gambling.

LeoSafePlay tools

Built-in to the LeoVegas web platform and mobile app, are a number of tools available to players to assist them in setting their own parameters when it comes to gambling online at LeoVegas. These include:

  • Limits - There are four individual limit settings a player can apply. The first is a Deposit Limit where you can decide on the maximum amount of money you wish to deposit each day, week or month. The Loss Limit, which can also be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, controls total losses. There is also a Session Limit which can be set so you don't play for too long in one stretch. And lastly, a Wagering Limit that restricts the total amount a player can bet. This can also be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Player history - This gives full details of all deposits, withdrawals and bets made in the casino (or sportsbook). It can serve as a stark reminder to players as to exactly how much money is being deposited, how many bets they are making and how much they have withdrawn
  • Time alert - A little different from Session Limits, the Time Alert is governed by LeoVegas. It pops up periodically providing players with information such as the length of their session and how much they have won/lost in that time
  • Pause account - If you need a break, LeoSafePlay has a Pause Account feature allowing you to freeze everything for a set period of time
  • Self assessment - This is a highly recommended tool to use so you get a clear understanding of your gambling habits. The feedback will provide insightful advice on the negative impact your gambling may have on your everyday life, and it can recommend certain tools which may help to keep things in check


Prevention is better than cure, and for those with enough willpower and restraint, using some of the tools above will certainly assist greatly in keeping your gambling at a controlled level. However, this is not always the case, so LeoCare was launched.

This is an initiative which offers those who have developed a gambling problem professional help. LeoCare will pay for the player's first three therapy sessions so he/she can get the right treatment to deal with this problem.

Other features of LeoSafePlay

It's important to know that you are not alone in times of need. LeoCare is one option but there are several other organisations, including GambleAware and GamCare on hand to help as well. LeoVegas actively promotes these through LeoSafePlay.

It also offers information of the best blocking tools which will restrict your access to particular gambling sites.

Another area which LeoSafePlay seeks to address is underage gambling. It details a number of applications that parents can use to govern and monitor a child's online activity - thus restricting access to online gambling platforms for minors.


This is certainly a step in the right direction and with it being actively promoted on LeoVegas.com, it serves as a reminder to players at all times.

To be fair, deposit limits and some other tools are offered by virtually all operators, but the self assessment and LeoCare demonstrate that LeoVegas through LeoSafePlay is taking its duty as a responsible gambling operator seriously.

Last update: 30-09-2019