What has Mr Green Casino done to make sure that its players play in moderation? It has introduced Green Gaming, the tool that helps players to gamble responsibly.

Green gaming responsible gambling

Responsible gambling is a hot issue right now and certain operators are becoming a beacon of example by introducing tools and features to help players stay in control. The popular sportbook and online casino Mr Green is one such site that has taken the bull by the horns by introducing Green Gaming.

Mr Green prides itself on being a responsible gambling operator, and understands that it has a commitment to its players to ensure that they have a positive playing experience there. Green Gaming was created to achieve this goal by monitoring a player's playing habits and warning them if their level is changing from healthy to risky.

My Play predictive tool

This innovative tool analyses your play in the casino or through the sportsbook and combines it with data from the built-in self assessment to generate a risk analyst. Your personal risk level is divided into a few key segments and on your Green Gaming dashboard you are given a list of recommendations, such as setting limits and self-exclusion based on your perceived level of risk.

This is very useful because for most players problem gambling is a gradual process. A player may not be fully aware that their overall casino experience is changing.

For instance, if you are a slot machine player and you start off spinning the reels at 0.20 a time, then move up to 0.25, to 0.30 and then to 0.40 over the course of a few months. These small increases don't jump out at you like going directly from 0.20 - 0.40 would.

How to use the Predictive tool

  1. Open "My Gaming" then "Green Gaming" in the main menu. Opt-in and accept the privacy policy which relates to Mr Green using your information to rather your data.
  2. Complete the self assessment test. It is important to be totally honest in your answers.
  3. The Predictive Tool then analyses your gaming history and self assessment answers to offer an up-to-date risk-level score. If necessary, recommendations on how to play more responsibly will be given.


No doubt about it, this is a step in the right direction and we believe more responsible operators will follow Mr Green in introducing similar tools. It goes further than merely informing players that they can set limits by highlighting their personal risk level.

By using Green Gaming it is easier to assess your own changes that perhaps seemed insignificant, but are clear evidence your gaming patterns are changing from healthy to risky.

It's all about staying in control and keeping your play entertaining so you have a better online gaming experience.

Last update: 30-09-2019