Did you know that there are certain programs that can prevent minors from accessing online gambling websites? Here's the three best options to protect your loved ones.

blocking online gambling sites

With online gambling more accessible than ever before, it's understandable that for some people what starts out as a form of entertainment, can evolve into a potentially serious problem.

Fortunately, there is some exceptional online gambling blocking software available on the market. Such software has a dual purpose. Individuals wanting to take control for themselves can use it, and of course it can serve as the perfect tool for parents to use to prevent underage gaming among their children.

In this guide, we'll assess three software products that are leading the way in blocking online gambling sites from users' devices, thus removing the temptation from plain sight. Are they an effective solution? Let's find out.


Having been around since 2000, GamBlock is the original software product to block internet gambling. Unlike other pieces of software, GamBlock filters by page not entire website. When a user requests access to a specific page GamBlock heuristically analyses the content to determine if it offers the ability to gamble. Those which do are blocked with a message informing the user to 'close the page tab with 60 seconds or the computer will automatically shut down'

GamBlock cannot be circumvented with a VPN or by using a torrent, nor can it be uninstalled from your computer or whichever device you have it installed on.

GamBlock also blocks all Facebook pages that are related to gambling but other non-gambling pages are unaffected. This is a crucial part of this software's aim to prevent minors from engaging in online gambling.

It is also resistant to "reset factory settings" which is a common trick gamblers will use to try and remove the software. Other settings include blocking:

  • Cryptocurrency pages
  • Sports scores
  • Stock trading and fantasy gambling pages

GamBlock can be installed on all Windows computers, Android phones and tablets as well as iPads and iPhones.


Another software solution to blocking online gambling sites to minors and problem gamblers is Betfilter. This product was first developed in 2008 and it claims to be the number 1 best-selling anti-gambling software on the market.

It is recognised by several high profile organisations and companies within this sector such as Gambling Therapy, GamCare, Betsafe, Sky Poker and the Kindred Group which is a clear sign this is a product which works effectively.

Like the other pieces of software, Betfilter cannot be uninstalled until the licencing period has expired. It promises to only block gambling sites but no keyworking blocking. Also its software doesn't simply use a standard DNS-blocking protocol so it cannot be overridden by changes made to the network settings.

Betfilter is available for Mac OS X, Windows PCs, Android phones and tablets plus Apple iPads and iPhones.


Jack Symons is the founder of Gamban. He started playing online poker when he was 14 so can fully relate to the issue of preventing minors from accessing online gambling sites.

In 2015, Mr Symons was searching for a solution to block online gambling from his computer. Realising there was either no suitable product for all the devices he had or the ones which were available cost far too much money, he established Gamban.

Gamban is a non-intrusive lightweight piece of software which blocks access to every type of gambling site on the internet and it cannot be uninstalled by the user. Gamban is also working with educational institutions to offer students protection from the dangers of problem gambling.

Gamban is available for Mac OS X, Windows PCs, Android devices (phones and tablets) and Apple iPads and iPhones.


After reviewing these three online gambling website/webpage blockers, GamBlock is certainly the most comprehensive in the level of protection it offers but it is the most expensive, too.
The fact that it has the ability to block single pages on social media websites is very useful in removing the temptation for minors to gamble online.

Betfilter has 10 years experience. Its software to block online gambling is slightly cheaper than GamBlock, yet judging by the recognition it has received from professional organisations around the world, it is clearly a very good product. Gamban is a new name to enter scene. It's by far the cheapest product and whilst it offers good basic protection, we did notice several users had remarked how easy it was to remove from Mac computers.

Ultimately, when it comes to problem gambling both for minors and adults, the person involved needs to demonstrate willpower and restraint. These three blocking online gambling software companies can certainly help remove the immediate threat - if this is combined with the correct mindset from the person affected, we have a recipe for success.

Last update: 30-09-2019