LVbet Casino spoils its users through the LVbet Wheel, a point-based system that rewards the loyal players with cash prizes and generous bonuses. Let's see how the Wheel works.

LVbet casino Wheel

Lvbet casino has a fantastic feature we would like to tell you about. We've just recently discovered it, and after winning a nice cash prize, we wanted to share the news with you, our readers.

This is a bonus wheel, similar to the infamous Wheel of Fortune. Every LVbet players will get a chance to spin it, and you do so simply by playing your favourite slot games on the platform.

Let's take a closer look at how it works.

How the LVbet Wheel Works

As you spin slots as normal in the LV Bet casino, you will notice a "power bar" filling up gradually (or quickly, depending on how much and how often you bet)!

When this bar fills to the top, you will be presented with a yellow and red spinning wheel, similar to the Wheel of Fortune you have no doubt seen on TV.

This wheel is full of prizes and bonuses and is a way of LVbet saying thank you for playing at the casino.

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What's on Offer for Winners

  • Real Cash - LVbet will give you cash money which you can withdraw. This is different from bonuses, simply because you can take it and spend it right away
  • Casino Bonuses - Free cash, anyone? You'd have to be nuts to say no. You can win cash bonuses and free spins on slots. Either way, it is more free ways to potentially win for you.
  • LV Points - Most great brands have a loyalty program, and LVbet is no exception. LVpoints can be cashed in for various bonuses and other items. There are lots of LVpoints up for grabs on the wheel.

Each month there is 80,000 in bonus cash, 8,000 in cash prizes, and 60,000 LVpoints to be won.

A Few Things to Remember

This wheel is basically a non-stop source of reward. Why play at a casino which doesn't even say so much as thanks, when you can play somewhere you are appreciated?

There are a couple of things worth remembering about this bonus wheel:

  1. there is a maximum of 24 levels. That means you can fill the power bar up 24 times
  2. as you climb through the levels, the prizes get bigger and better. Wait until you get to level 24, and compare the prizes to level 1. You will see a huge difference
  3. Third, each month, on the 1st, the wheel is reset. Whether you are on level 3 or level 23, you will go back to level 1 on the 1st
  4. Last, the more you bet, and the more frequently you play, the faster you will climb through the ranks and win the bigger prizes


LVbet is one of the highest-rated casinos on the web, having built a solid reputation for itself since it came online in 2016.

You will find a range of games from top names like NetEnt, Microgaming, Bally, Novomatic, Thunderkick, and others. This includes slots, table and card games, and much more.

The LVbet wheel is open to all players, all the time!

Last update: 30-09-2019
Finland, Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom

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