Let's take a closer look at what the new section 'Vegas' within the Betfair Casino site is all about

Betfair Vegas slot

You may be totally new to Betfair, or you may be a regular player who is wondering what the "Vegas Slots" tab on the menu is all about.

It's amazing how many players never visit this section of the Betfair site, even after playing for months.

The casino and sportsbook are the most visited sections, but by overlooking the 'Vegas Slots' part, you are missing out on lots of fun and potentially lucrative games.

What is Betfair Vegas Slots?

While most of the slot games in the Betfair casino are provided by Playtech, Betfair Vegas Slots provides a much broader range from many other slots firms.

For example, at a quick glance you can find:

  • Michael Jackson King of Pop from Bally Technologies.
  • Cleopatra Mega Jackpots, from IGT.
  • Top Cat, from Blueprint Gaming.

If you are bored of playing the Playtech slots over in the main Betfair casino, or if you just prefer to mix it up from time to time, then these can make for a great break from the normal selection.

Extra Bonuses at Betfair Vegas Slots

Playing at Betfair Vegas also guarantees you a monthly bonus. This is aside from the bonuses and promotions in the casino itself.

To claim this guaranteed bonus you will need to deposit and play (for example, and depending on your country) with at least 1,000€/£ in a single month. Once you have passed this limit, a 100% bonus is guaranteed.

Exclusive Slot Games

From time to time, slot games are released which are exclusive to Betfair Vegas. You won't find these in the regular casino.

These games come in all shapes and sizes, but the important thing is that other players won't have access to them outside of Betfair Vegas. An example is Jewel Twist, which has just recently come out.

Why Play Betfair Vegas Slots

There are lots of great reasons to check this section of the site out. Let's recap:

  • Exclusive games not found elsewhere on the site.
  • A greater variety of games, including games from IGT, Blueprint Gaming, and others. Lots of progressive jackpots are up for grabs.
  • Exclusive bonuses once you pass the "wagering" threshold.

Sounds good? We thought so! We highly recommend checking out this often overlooked section of Betfair. Enjoy!

Last update: 30-09-2019
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