How has technology shaped the world of online gambling? Let's discover how it has changed online casinos from the early days to today's virtual reality

Virtual reality casinos

The first records of gambling appeared way back in 1790, but it wasn't until 1986 that the first "fruit" and computer-generated machines came to light.

With so much time passed, it is evident that this term doesn't have the same meaning anymore and has gone through some significant changes since its origin. The essentials still stayed the same – "gambling" is still considered a game of luck, a risky process of wagering one's money.

However, gambling, as we know it today, is a mainstream and modernized activity which is on its way to becoming an enhanced version of itself with the change of technology.

Merging Video Gaming and Gambling

For a long time, gambling was only meant for bookies in bars and pubs. But with the coming of online casino websites, this highly changed and didn't stop there – it even moved to social media.

The type of gambling via social networks such as Facebook appeared in August 2012 with the Bingo Friendzy game, after which many more came including Texas Hold'em Poker which has more than 24 million Facebook players!

But, the industry was smart enough to see that this has just prepared a decent base to start off with and use to attract an even wider public. Hence, the plan is to merge more and more video gaming products with gambling elements, and vice versa. This gets such games close to, for example, adventure or strategy lovers, but with a touch of betting involved.

Therefore, the greatest shift in gambling might be that it won't be tied as much to the "luck" factor as it always was. This blurs the lines between regular gaming and cash betting, which has the great potential of increasing the industry's worth, but also the addiction for such products.

First-Person Shooter or a Slot Machine?

Devoted casino players must've already heard some rumors about the making of the first shooter yet slot game, called "Danger Arena". This one should highly resemble fellow popular shooters such as "Halo" and "Call of Duty", but with a twist.

You will have the opportunity to get some cash out of playing it!

This new concept might even change opinions of the US regulators since it is highly possible this is going to be the first casino game legalized in the US. If this happens, what we can expect is:

  1. Those countries that ban gambling will start approving numerous more such games which are about to come to the market, making gambling partially legal in such regions.
  2. A massive growth in the industry and players who are looking at this as a way to make money.
  3. Most games are probably becoming skill-based and will possibly depend ONLY on your playing skills. And we are not talking about blackjack-like products, which are still much based on luck.

Digitization of Gambling Games

This multi-billion industry seemed to reach its highest point with mobile gambling. You can play your favorite games on-the-go and whenever, all being available at luxurious online platforms.

The choice almost seems endless. But, the digitization we are talking about is even more than online PC and mobile gaming. It is the one including robots and virtual reality.

What is likely to happen in the next couple of years is that live casino might really get that "live" effect with the coming of virtual reality headsets. It will start feeling as if you are actually in the room with a dealer in and sitting in a real casino.

If you are asking yourself why someone would want to choose this over, in fact, going to a real one, you might want to think again. Don't forget that you are still:

  • In the comfort of your home.
  • Keeping your personal info private.
  • Not wasting any additional money on a trip to a land-based casino.


Combining the new skill-based game trend with the inevitable coming of virtual reality, who knows what we can expect from the new era of gambling. It is most likely that the industry will gain a complete new type of users and become a big part of everyday lives.

It might also be an extremely useful change for those who love playing video games – except this time, they'll have the ability to profit from it!

Last update: 30-09-2019
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