Who are the famous celebrities found playing at casinos all around the world? Here's a list of a few stars whom can not stay away from the tables.

Hollywood celebrities at casinos

Nowadays, the casino industry is one of the most powerful and influential industries in the whole world. It is not surprising at all that this industry alone is making hundreds of billions annually!

This expansion and popularization of casinos, especially the best ones, did not go round the world of celebrities. We all know that celebs enjoy spending money on all sorts of luxury, including supercars, enormous houses, penthouses and stunning yachts. However, vehicles and real estate are not the only things celebrities spend their money on.

Even though they are desperately trying to hide their passion for casinos and games they offer, the number of celebrities linked to casino visiting is on the rise and that is definitely not a secret anymore . Some of them are even considered professionals in gambling!

Whether they are into this for money, pure fun and enjoyment, or they like to feel the adrenaline rush while taking a risk whilst playing, or all of this is just a speculation, here are some of the celebrities which are most often linked with casinos and betting:

Some celebrity stories

  • Ray Romano - This famous actor is probably most recognizable for the legendary TV sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" that certainly made everyone laughed. This actor doesn't hide that he had certain issues with his betting habits. Several newspapers reported that at a certain point in his life, Ray even requested help from Gambler's Anonymous.
    But today, this actor says that he has overcome those problems and issues. He continued playing, but mostly "virtual bets associated with golf", says Ray. The only thing left from those times is participating in the World Series of Poker and the actor says that he still dreams about winning this major event.
  • Tobey Maguire - According to the data from The Suit magazine, the Spiderman was sued in 2011 for a scandal involving several famous names. That scandal was about illegal secret gambling in which Tobey allegedly won $300.000. It is no secret that this Hollywood superstar is very skilled at Texas Hold'Em poker. Nevertheless, Tobey continued playing and after a few lessons from a professional player, Daniel Negreanu, he participated and even won the World Series of Poker.
    The amount of money he has won still remains a secret, but another professional poker player, Phil Hellmuth, during his visit of the famous show Poker after dark once mentioned that this young actor has scored a prize of approximately 10 Million dollars! So, Tobey is definitely not joking when it comes to playing poker
  • Michael Jordan - Although this legendary NBA player, according to the vast majority, probably the best basketball player ever is not really a Hollywood star, those who are in their 20's and older surely remember that he played a role in the "Space Jam" in 1996. This live action cartoon got him into the Hollywood world. But, Michael wasn't that successful in betting as he was in basketball. In 1993. he admitted that he lost $165.000 whilst playing in the Atlantic City casino. It is no secret that he had a company for playing poker, also two celebrities, Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley
  • Pamela Anderson - This Canadian/American beauty which we all remember for that red swimming suit and slow-mo running across the beach appears to be a poker fancier and a solid player as well. There is even a rumor that she got married to Rick Salomon because of the $250.000 worth bet she lost against him
  • 50 Cent - The famous rapper, who also took part in several movies like "Get Rich or Die Trying" and "Hangover", once said that "following the voices in his head", he scored a prize of $500.000 in the NFC Championship in 2012. He also enjoys the company of a famous boxer Floyd Mayweather while playing poker
Last update: 30-09-2019
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