Have you ever wanted to play at a casino online but never knew from where to begin? We will show all that you need to know to get you started playing casino games.

how to play casinos online

This guide is an introduction to online casinos with a quick list of everything you need to start playing for real money, including how to register a new account and how to open a casino account.

Keep in mind that every operator is different, so we suggest reading the regulations for the specific casino you are interested in before making your first bet.

We think it's important to remind you that playing for money is absolutely prohibited for anyone under 18.

Also, we want you to play only at those casinos that have gained at least one license from a government agency. All the operators that you see featured on our site are regulated and certified.

Devices and connections

The fact that you are navigating on this website means that most likely you already have a suitable device for playing at an online casino, whether that be a PC, a smartphone or a tablet. The system requirements for a web-based casino are compatible with practically all modern devices.

To play online without downloading anything, you just need to have a popular plugin like Java or Flash Player installed on your device. If you prefer to use software programs that you download and install on your PC, any version of the Windows operating system will work.

Personal Data and Documents

Similar to any web service, before you start playing at an online casino, you have to go through a registration procedure. Knowing this, you should have a valid identity document handy and your personal data ready so that you can fill out the registration form. Never fear, the entire process will take just a few minutes and only has to be performed once.

And don't worry, your personal information will be kept private and handled according to current privacy legislation. We suggest you give more importance to those operators that use SSL encryption technology in order to be safe 100%, as far as privacy is concerned.

Even though it is usually possible to start playing straight away, there are certain legislations that constraint the players to send out documents to check the identities of the users.

For example, Italian law requires new players to send a copy of their identity document to the casino within 30 days of registration or they will risk having the account suspended or closed. We think it's best to take care of this immediately so that you don't run into problems and waste time later. The copy of the document can be sent by email or can be uploaded directly onto the website of the casino you've selected.

Payment Methods

Before you can bet with money on the available games, you need to make a first deposit at a casino online, which means you need to put money in the account you opened with the casino. To make the deposit, you have to choose at least one payment method or a type of service that allows the transaction. Online casinos generally accept a wide range of payment methods, including:

  • Skrill
  • Netller
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer and much more

Choose the payment method you want to use. In 99,99% of the cases there are no commission fees so you can make the decision based on your personal needs. If you have doubts about the security of the transactions, continue reading our guide to help to calm your fears.

Ready to go!

You now have all you need to be able to play at a casino on the web. The next step is to choose one from among the ones we have identified for you in our list of best online casinos. There are several of them, so take all the time you need to decide and consider reading through our suggestions for selecting a reliable and safe casino online.

Last update: 30-09-2019