You have done your research and have found the casino online where you want to play. How do you go about making your first deposit now? Read our suggestions to avoid mistakes.

First deposit online casino

All the players who wish to bet with real money have to deposit money in their gaming account, an operation commonly known as making a first deposit.

In the case of the majority of online casinos, after a player's personal account has been accessed for the first time, the chance to make the first deposit will be offered. Simply follow the instructions and it will be possible to start playing in the space of a minute.

In other casinos, or in the case of someone who doesn't wish to deposit money right away, it will be necessary to go to the transactions section of the website, that is usually indicated by the words "Cashier", "Bank", or "Deposits".

Instructions on how to carry out the first deposit

If we consider that financial transactions are a key part of online gaming, every operator will make the deposit/withdrawal options easy to find on its property, displayed on every page of the website and the player's account. To make a first deposit at your selected casino look for a button or link titled "Deposit", "Cashier", "Bank" or something similar, and click on it.

Now, you have the opportunity to proceed with this operation by using the payment method that better suits your needs.

Which methods of payment to use

The methods of payment vary from casino to casino but there is always a wide range of available options, which include: credit cards, pre-paid cards, Paypal, other e-Wallet solutions, bank transfers, and so on. Usually, there will be no commissions to pay on any deposits a player makes, so you are free to choose whatever method you prefer without worrying about strange hidden costs.

Along with credit cards, the preferred methods of depositing money are Skrill, Paypal and Neteller. Simply select your preferred method and fill in the required details before proceeding with the transaction. Remember that if you are using a credit card and you have activated an additional security system for online protection, you will have to provide your password or card number. Needless to say, your personal information will never be given to the online casinos of your choice.

Check out the welcome bonus

Making a first deposit is a very important step for new players, as its amount affects the size of the welcome bonus they will be receiving. In fact, if you want to take advantage of the welcome bonus in the best possible way, it is fundamental to think about how much you want to initially deposit, as usually the welcome bonus only applies to the first deposit. Let make this clear with a simple example: if you have a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to 100 euros (or whatever the currency is), this means that:

  • If you deposit 100 straight away, you will get another 100 euros in bonus.
  • If you initially deposit 10 and then deposit 90, you will only be eligible for a bonus of €10 because the second deposit will not be taken into consideration.
Last update: 30-09-2019