What is the right attitude to display at the tables? Discover the rules of the proper gambling etiquette both offline and online. Be a respectful player!

Gambling etiquette at the tables

Rules, rules and rules – every gambler should abide by them to keep playing, avoid violation and – worst of all - being banned from gambling, whether at an online or offline casino. Rules aren't all you need to know and follow, but online gambling etiquette too.

While you won't be penalized for acting rudely at the tables, you (and other players) will have a hard time being around each other, if you're mindlessly and disrespectfully smoking in no-smoking areas, banging the tables when losing, chatting too loud and so on (in a brick-and-mortar casino).

So, if you want to have a really good time at the tables, check out the following dos and don'ts of online gambling etiquette.

General Gambling Etiquette

  • Turn off your mobile phone: don't distract other players with your mobile phone – it is flat out rude. Don't wait until the croupier or dealer asks you to turn it off while you're playing. If you can't help but talk to someone, step away from the table.
  • Dress properly: know the proper dress code. Avoid wearing smart trousers or a shirt, if the venue prohibits such clothing and requires formal attire. Thus, check the dress code before entering a certain casino or else you might have to go back home and change. That's frustrating.
  • Don't drink too much: being intoxicated gets the worst out of you and makes your experience truly bad. You do not want to go back home and realize – when you wake up - that you have lost a fortune, without even remembering what happened the night before. This is a nightmare that no player should live. Therefore, stay away from the bottle while playing!

Buying Chips

When buying chips, you should lay your cash on the table, so that the croupier can change it to chips. Only buy chips after the game or before the start of another round. If not, you'll distract both the dealer and the other players just for him to give you more chips.

Cashing Out

Cash out before leaving the table, if playing with roulette chips. Signal to the dealer that you want to leave at the end of the spin, so that he can change the chips for cash.


This is a balancing act. You need to weigh how proficient and friendly the dealer is and your bankroll. Alternatively, you can tip him every time you're winning. Additionally, you can ask the dealer about the ways tips are managed, since tips are generally pooled and then shared amongst employees.

Hand signals

Because you should always combine verbal and hand signals, it is better that you know what these hand gestures for a particular game are before sitting at a table, or else you'll see wide-eyed glares from other players for asking questions all over again.


Know the rules before playing to have a more enjoyable experience and avoid silly misunderstanding. There are some casinos that offer a tour to explain the rules of each game. whilst others let beginners practice using fake chips. Understanding the rules is one of the most essential etiquette factors in gambling. Just imagine how much distraction you'd cause other players for asking something to the dealer during every hand. In online playing services, there are free games, including slots and roulette, to practice before playing for real money.

Asking for advice

Don't ask for it. Croupiers don't want to be blamed if you lose with a losing hand advice. A little exception is when playing Pai Gow poker in which you can ask the dealer how he would play his hand based on the house way.

Cards and hands

Pit bosses and dealers always look for cheating players. Do you remember De Niro in the famous movie "Casino"? Just do not cheat. Never do that!

Example: One Hand Rule. If your cards are dealt facedown, touch them but only with one hand. Additionally, don't bend the cards, not even slightly – as the dealers are very aware of this cheating act and you might be accused of it.


Try to max time between smoking if you're a smoker. And when exhaling, don't do it in the face of another player. Put out the smoke before putting it on the ashtray.

Bottom Line

Possessing and following gambling etiquette will give you and other players an enjoyable time at the tables. Of all the things mentioned, one pattern emerges: not distracting other players while playing is the single most important gambling etiquette. So in this case you might come to think that the old and overused clichè… "Don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you" proves true. What do you think? Fair enough, isn't it?

Last update: 30-09-2019