How do you protect yourself from the scammers and spammers targeting casino players? Let us give you some advice on how to prevent spam and phishing.

Studies have proven that online casinos represent a world trafficked by many dishonest people, always trying to rip off the players through tactics that are sneaky and dangerous at the same time.

In general, the dangers come from those operators that have not gained a license from any jurisdictions and that you should stay away from. It is for this very reason that we only feature licensed and certified gaming services on our site. In fact, licensed services are regulated by the rules of a certain government and can not engage in fraudulent activities.

On the other hand, operators that are not licensed can basically do whatever they want, since they are not regulated and the governments can not launch investigations against them.

Aside from staying away from the unregulated operators, you should also beware of the emails you get into your mailbox, as the bad guys are known for alluring you to download a certain program from which they can get your private information. This horrible strategy is named "Phishing", and you must have heard of it.

Please, never download or click on any links found in emails whose senders are unknown. You do not want the bad guys to put their dirty hands on your private information.

Simple actions to take in order to protect yourself

As we have mentioned several times already, you must only choose those casinos that have gained at least one license from the government of a certain country. A license assures, without a doubt, that a gambling platform provides a safe and reliable environment to its players.

There are many, too many, operators out there whose legal head offices are located in different countries. Some of them are good, although they do not operate through a license. On the other hand, many others are deceitful and the fact that they do not have a license makes them in the position to do whatever they want with their customers' funds and information. Since the risk to face an unpleasant situation while playing online is high, we want you to stay away from those operators that do not have a license.

Prevent Spam and Phishing

Every single day we receive lots of emails. Not all the communications are important to us. In fact, a good amount of them feature promotional material from all kinds of companies that we do not want to read in the first place. Amongst such unwanted emails, you will find many sent by online casinos.

Never follow the instructions indicated in these emails, as their goal is to make you download a software that will steal your personal information and put them in the hands of dishonest people. Only open the emails of those services you know for sure you signed up for their newsletters. If you have doubts, contact the live chat of the operator and ask about the email you have received to confirm that it is legitimate.

Spam and phishing activities can be very dangerous and we remind you to be well aware of the emails you receive. These fraudulent strategies are also detrimental to the image of the good gambling web portals similar to ours, which want to communicate with their users in a loyal and open fashion, without the intention to do phishing or spamming. Let us give you some advice on how to deal with those suspicious emails you find in your mail box every single day:

  • If the sender is a casino where you have never opened an account in the past, delete the email. Do not open it.
  • If the email object and/or the main text features grammatical mistakes and/or odd characters, simply delete it. The reason why the dishonest sender uses those bizarre characters is to trick the anti-spam triggers so that the message hits your mail box.
  • Always remember the golden rule: when you see offers that are too good to be true, they generally are not. Do not be fooled by messages that offer you the world.
  • If you have opened an account at a certain website and receive an offer from the same website, it may be legitimate. Just look at the sender's email address: if this is the same address used by the operator, when it first contacted you after you opened the account, then you can go ahead and read the message.


Online casinos have grown so much in importance and traffic that they have become one of the most prestigious targets, in the eyes of the professional spammers and usual scammers.

By following our simple advice, you will be protecting yourself from the dishonest people who take advantage of unaware users and will be able to enjoy a safe gaming experience.

Last update: 30-09-2019