Would you like to find out which mistakes newbies usually make when approaching online casinos and avoid them? Discover them with us.

casino biggest mistakes

The world of online gambling can appear quite daunting to those unfamiliar with the kaleidoscope of different gaming options available.

It is very easy to take the wrong step and as a result to lose money fast, as well as missing out on the fun and enjoyment to be found from this kind of entertainment.

There is no magical system to guarantee that you will make a profit playing for real money online, but there are certainly ways to maximize your opportunities, or reduce risks.

The five common mistakes

In this article we are going to look at some common mistakes made by those players new to online casinos, in the hope that you will be able to avoid making the same errors:

  1. Join the wrong operator. The first (and biggest!) mistake that anybody can make when it comes to eGaming websites is by choosing the wrong one to join. It is also one of the easiest things to get wrong thanks to the proliferation of operators available on the web today. Worst case scenario is that you are unlucky enough to fall for a scam site which takes your money and won't give it back to you. Although that's unlikely, you could join a perfectly good one which doesn't maximize your opportunities in terms of available games, reward schemes and bonuses on offer.
  2. Waste your bonus. Speaking of promotions, the major bonus most players will receive is the one they get for signing up for the first time. This can be anything from free spins all the way up to cash bonuses of over a thousand dollars. It is easy to think that 'bigger is better', but in fact very often the truth lies in the small print, and some of those big offers tend to require equally big investments. Looking out for wagering requirements, time to play through your bonus and deposits required are all crucial.
  3. Miss out on another bonus. It's pretty easy to claim a welcome offer, since all that is required is to register your details and (sometimes) enter a code. However, all too many players miss out on the regular bonuses on offer. This is a case where vigilance pays off, and by checking your mail-box on a weekly – or better still daily – basis you won't miss out on all those great promos which often have an expiry date attached.
  4. Play the wrong games. Let's say that you've picked a good casino, claimed your opening offer, and are ready to go. The next pitfall is the game selection, and this is where your lovely bonus can go up in smoke very quickly if you're not careful. With most promotions you are required to 'play through' the bonus amount a certain number of times, meaning for a £/€/$10 free money you may need to wager £/€/$300 or £/€/$400 before it can be withdrawn. Check the small print to see which games do and don't count towards this wagering, or else you end up playing hundreds of bucks on a game which doesn't count for anything.
  5. Right game, wrong bet. Even games of chance have right and wrong ways to play, so it's not just games like blackjack and craps which require some careful thought. Blackjack famously has a statistical 'best way' to play, and even though a game like roulette is total random, your success will vary according to which bets you choose. Check out our game guides for pro tips on the best bets to make on each of the major table games. Hopefully our quick guide will have provided you with some pointers so that when you start playing for real money online you will get to fully enjoy the experience!
Last update: 30-09-2019