Five-Card Draw is a particular Poker game played in a more casual setting. Learn the rules of the game with us and be prepared before approaching the tables.

Five-Card draw poker game

Players are dealt five cards, one at a time. After evaluating their hand, a betting round ensues. Following the betting round, the players choose whether or not to discard up to three of their cards.

If any player holds an Ace card, they are exclusively allowed to discard four of their cards, instead of three.

After players are dealt their new cards all at once, as opposed to one at a time, another betting round takes place.

If a showdown is required to determine the winner, the player with the highest cards wins the pot.

What Five Card Draw offers

Five Card Draw offers essential practice for beginning players, as they are introduced to the concept of building their hand, by looking at a set of cards to see their potential, instead of their immediate value.

This skill is vital in poker games that are more advanced, like Texas Holdem, where players are required to evaluate their cards to determine both their immediate value and their combined value as the community cards fall.

It also teaches the basics of bluffing and observing opponents. Since opponents can see how many cards are being taken by each player, this kind of tactic makes it hard to bluff the other players.

For instance, if you are holding a pair and take three cards, your opponents will be able to 'read' your hand and know it is weak. Likewise holding an Ace card and taking four cards announces to your opponents that you have nothing more than a high card in your hand.

Therefore, it is necessary to draw cards based not only on what you need in your hand, but what you want other players to think that you have. That is the concept of bluffing.

Five Card Draw variations

One house rule that is sometime used in Five Card Draw is the bottom card of the deck is not allowed to be dealt as a replacement card. This prevents players who may have seen the card from having an advantage.

Players can either randomly choose from among the discards, or have the dealer shuffle the remaining card into the discards and then deal to the player.

Five Card Draw is used in lowball types of games, where players typically get three drawing and betting rounds, as opposed to just one.

Alternatively, Five Card Draw can be played with extra drawing phases added in, such as 'Double Draw' and 'Triple Draw', with wild cards, or with an extra betting phase before the cards are even dealt, such as "Blind and Straddle".

Spanish Five Card Draw is another variation that is perhaps the most common. It is played with a French Piquet deck instead of the standard 52 card deck generally used for poker. The Piquet deck contains the cards from 7 through Ace, and is missing cards 2 through 6, making it easy to use a regular deck of cards to fit these rules.

Finally, because the cards are different, the probabilities of getting various hands change.

Last update: 30-09-2019