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Online blackjack

There's little doubt that Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino but its exact origins are not so clearly understood.

With that said, most historians of the game tend to agree that the roots of this game stretch all the way back to French casinos in the 1700s where a game by the name Vingt-et-Un (translated in English to mean twenty-one) was played.

As the game spread to new regions and countries, a plethora of variations have spawned. However, the essence of "21" has remained intact.

These resources are primarily aimed at new players looking to improve their knowledge of Blackjack before playing it in for real. We'll take you through the key aspects of the game, so you can approach the table with more confidence in your understanding and ability.

List of Blackjack resources

How to Play Blackjack

Learning the basics to play only takes a few minutes, but mastering the art of winning at Blackjack on a more frequent basis will take you a while longer. With numerous variants now available at both land-based and online casinos, you will find a few minor tweaks regarding how the game is played.

There is still a standard guide which we will walk you through. Blackjack is a player versus dealer game, in which the objective is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going above it. A game begins with the player placing their bet. After that, both the player and the dealer are dealt two cards.

One of the dealer's cards is face down (meaning you cannot see it) and the other one is face up. The player views their own cards and the one card they can see of the dealer's and depending on their value, they will decide what action to take. In all its variants, the player acts first. The possible choices are to:

  • Stand: this is where you do not take any more cards. The total value of your cards is what the dealer then has to beat.
  • Hit: this is where you take another card. You can hit more than once in a single hand. Remember, you cannot exceed the value of 21. If you do, your hand 'busts' and the dealer automatically wins the hand.
  • Double: if your first two cards are of a certain total value (this varies depending on the exact rules for the variant you are playing), you will have the option to "double" your initial bet. Therefore, if you bet €10, you can add €10 more. After doubling, you must take another card.
  • Split: if your first two cards are of the same value, e.g. two 7s, you can split them and make two hands, then play each hand in turn before the dealer plays.

Once the player has completed their turn, and assuming they haven't bust, the dealer will play their hand which is governed by a few rules which we have highlighted below. The payout for Blackjack is usually 3:2 - a 10€/£ bet wins 15€/£, so 25€/£ is returned. Any other winning hand, for example, if the player gets 20 and the dealer has 19, is even money (1:1).


This is an iconic game that blends simplicity with skill. You can learn it within minutes but in order to get good at it, you must take your time to study good strategy charts. In the online world, most casinos offer virtual and live dealer blackjack tables.

There is also a range of table limits open to players ranging from small stakes games up to VIP high-roller tables.

An added advantage of playing online is that there is an abundance of free tables available. These are a terrific starting point for newcomers to learn the rules and test the waters.