Read about the legal situation in the markets where the casinos operate. Get the help you need, if you are experiencing a gambling problem.

Gambling online is enjoyed by millions of people across the world each day, but with the rise of internet gambling have come some unique challenges - different legal jurisdictions grappling with an industry which serves the whole world, and the rise of problem gambling because of the easy access to gambling websites.

In this guide, we'll outline the legal situation in each of the countries we serve and we'll show you where to get help if you develop a gambling problem.

Legal gambling in the UK

UK flag

The UK is somewhat of an online gambling utopia - every form of online gambling is legal there including sports betting, casino games, online poker, bingo, and financial betting. The UK also has one of the best-regulated online gambling markets in the world. The UK Gambling Commission oversees the activities of UK licensed operators and it upholds some of the strictest standards in the world, creating a safe, fair online gambling environment for British players.

UK Gambling Commission

UK Gambling Commission
Website link:
Telephone: 0121 230 6666

Problem Gambling in the UK: GamCare

Website link:
Telephone: 0808 8020 133
Facebook page: Gamcare on Facebook

There are two other organizations in the UK that do a great job helping players that have developed a gambling problem: and

Legal gambling in Ireland

IE flag

Ireland is another European country with a liberal attitude towards online gambling. Although casino games, poker and lotteries (excluding the National Lottery) are technically prohibited under the Gaming and Lotteries Acts (1956-2013), online gambling is widespread in Ireland and these laws aren't enforced. Online sports betting in Ireland is regulated under the Betting Acts (1931-2015).

Gambling Authority in Ireland

Ireland Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 1890 221 227

Problem Gambling in Ireland

Problem Gambling Ireland
Website link:
Telephone: 089 2415401

You can also contact Spunout.

Legal gambling in Sweden

SE flag

As of January 1st, 2019, online gambling in Sweden is permitted and regulated under the Gambling Act. The law made it illegal to offer Swedish gamblers casino games, poker, sports betting, or lotteries which do not have a license from the Swedish Gambling Authority. However, licences have already been issued, creating a safer, better online gambling environment for Swedish gamblers.

Gambling Authority in Sweden

Sweden Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 0152 650100

Problem Gambling in Sweden

Problem Gambling Sweden
Website link:
Telephone: 020 819100

Legal gambling in Spain

ES flag

All forms of online gambling, including casino games, sports betting, and poker, are legal in Spain under the Spanish Gambling Act (2011). The gambling sites must be hosted in Spain and hold a 10-year license from the Spanish Gambling Authority.

Gambling Authority in Spain

Spain Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 915 714080

Problem Gambling in Spain

Problem Gambling Spain
Website link:
Telephone: 915 714080

Legal gambling in Denmark

DK flag

All forms of online gambling are legal and regulated in Denmark under the Danish Act on Gambling. The organization in charge of overseeing online gambling is the Danish Gambling Authority which mandates that licenced games must be certified by them. This creates an extremely safe gaming environment for Danish gamblers.

Gambling Authority in Denmark

Denmark Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 208 87210

Problem Gambling in Denmark

Problem Gambling Denmark
Website link:
Telephone: 701 11810

Legal gambling in the Netherlands

NL flag

While it is technically only legal for Dutch gamblers to place wagers at sites hosted in the Netherlands, many online gambling sites accept Dutch residents. While no licences have yet been issued by the Dutch Gambling Commission to foreign gambling site operators, it looks like this will change in the near future.

Gambling Authority in Netherlands

Netherlands Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 0250 40066

Problem Gambling in Netherlands

Problem Gambling Netherlands
Website link:
Contacts: Form on the website

Legal gambling in Norway

NO flag

Online gambling is legal in Norway provided that Norwegians only gamble using one of the two state-approved operators - Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. The former offers sports betting, casino games, poker, and lotteries, whereas the latter offers horse racing.

Gambling Authority in Norway

Norway Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: +47 5782 8000

Problem Gambling in Norway

Problem Gambling Norway
Website link:
Telephone: 800 800 40

Legal gambling in Finland

FI flag

Under Finnish gambling law, PAF and RAY are the only two legal online gambling sites. Despite this, many Finnish players still gamble at foreign gambling sites without legal consequences.

Gambling Authority in Finland

Finland Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 0295 480171

Problem Gambling in Finland

Problem Gambling Finland
Website link:
Telephone: 0800 100 101

Legal gambling in Austria

AT flag

Under the federal Gambling Act (GSpG), online gambling is legal in all forms in Austria. Sports betting is regulated by authorities in the Bundeslander.

Gambling Authority in Austria

Austria Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 050 233 765

Problem Gambling in Austria

Problem Gambling Austria
Website link:
Telephone: 0800 202 304

Legal gambling in the US

US flag

The legal landscape is changing quickly in the USA and states like Delaware, and New Jersey have legalized some casino gaming sites, with Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey legalizing online poker. Nevada, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania also offer legal sports betting.

Gambling Authorities in the US

New Jersey Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 609 441 3422
Delaware Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 302 526 5850
Nevada Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 775 684 7700
Pennsylvania Gambling Authority
Website link:
Telephone: 717 346 8300

Problem Gambling in the US

Problem Gambling New Jersey
Website link:
Telephone: 609 588 5515
Problem Gambling Delaware
Website link:
Telephone: 888 850 8888
Problem Gambling Nevada
Website link:
Telephone: 1800 522 4700
Problem Gambling Pennsylvania
Website link:
Telephone: 1 800 662

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