Enjoy the best games at the top free money casinos. Play amazing video slots, roulette, blackjack and many other titles without the risk of losing your money!

Free money online casinos

There are many ways to play video slots and table games online without having to dip into your pocket. The most popular is to take advantage of free money casino games which, in most cases, don't even require you to have an account.

We have listed the premier sites that allow players to enjoy the delights of their gaming services for nothing. These are not social ones which prompt you to purchase extra credits if you run out.

Essentially, they are real money casinos that welcome players to entertain themselves and possibly consider a real money deposit in the future. Those reported in our list are all licenced and regulated so authentic gameplay is guaranteed. Take a look below and choose where you want to play.

Advantages & disadvantages of free-money play

You may wonder why a gambling operator would want players to play for free. From the casino's perspective, this allows users to familiarise themselves with the site and get into the habit of playing on its platform. The benefit for the players is a glittering array of phenomenal games.

Certain modern video slots have evolved into an action story in which the player progresses up through different levels to unlock bigger and better rewards. Playing these at for free is immersive in itself.

Another advantage is to test out a playing strategy. For instance, if you feel you have a good system to play roulette, you can take advantage of a free money casino to test it out. With all the games being regulated, you know that the results are truly random, so you can see in a risk-free environment if the strategy works.

On the downside, using free money (also known as "play" or "demo" money) means that what you win is also just play money. There is no risk, so there is no (monetary) reward. If you hit the jackpot on your favourite slot and win €100,000, it's simply extra credit to play with, you cannot put them in your pockets.

How to play casino games with "free money"

Most online gaming platforms these days are instant play and they are available on all devices. All you have to do is to visit one of the suggested sites in our table (or another one that we didn't review). When you open the website you are taken directly to the lobby of your chosen operator.

Browse through the library and find a game you want to play, then click to load it in your browser. No deposit requiredand in most cases no registration required. There are a few restrictions, we'll touch upon those below, but the bulk of the collection will be at your fingertips.

What games can I play for free?

A feast of the world's greatest slot machines, a multitude of blackjack and roulette variants, tens of different video poker games and numerous others such as baccarat, craps, sic bo, scratch games and keno are normally all accessible. There is enough to engage and entertain for hours upon hours.

However, there are a couple of notable exceptions. Live dealer games are restricted. This is understandable due to the running cost of the table, so they only want patrons with real money in their pockets.

You may also find some progressive jackpot slots are off-limits, too. This isn't always the case, it depends on the software provider as much as the operator in our experience. Other than those, it's an open house for you to savour.

List of "Demo play" casinos


Every player will have their own reasons for playing without financial commitment. Whether you want to relax and just have fun or you're looking to practice ready for the real thing, using play money is a tremendous way to do it.

Why not take a slot for a free spin yourself or try to beat the dealer to 21 in blackjack?

Last update: 30-09-2019