The latest Leander Games video slot Gem Zone features its new Dynamic Ways mechanic which is a direct competitor to BTG’s popular MegaWays.

Leander Games software house

After Big Time Gaming’s hugely successful MegaWays video slot game mechanic took the world by storm, Leander Games is looking to up the ante with what it has termed ‘Dynamic Ways’.

Gem Zone, the first Leander slot to use Dynamic Ways, was only launched a few days ago, so we’re eagerly awaiting to see what players have to say about it.

What we do know: this is another step on the ladder of innovation in the history of slots.

A closer look at Dynamic Ways

Dynamic Ways is certainly different from a traditional video slot game engine. Its reels, or verticals as they are also known, have ‘active’ zones which allow the player to see the symbols above and below the zone, to add an extra layer of excitement and engagement when playing.

The number of symbols within an active zone change with each spin (the range is 3 to 5 rows per reel). This means that the number of ways to win varies from 243 up to 3,125 in the base game.

However, it’s the Dynamic Ways bonus feature which takes things to a whole new dimension. This new mechanic increases the number of reels to six and the active zones can extend up to seven rows producing a phenomenal 117,649 possible way to win.

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A world of Dynamic possibilities

The chief executive officer of Leander Games, Steven Matsell, is confident that casino players haven’t seen anything yet as to the true power of what Dynamic Ways has to offer. Gem Zone is just the start.

This game offers the bonus feature which utilises extra reels and rows that can payout 28,000x on any single spin. It can also be retriggered to increase the chances of hitting that life-changing spin.

Matsell said that this initial offering is a raw, pure slots experience which showcases the potential of Dynamic Ways. Plans for future games include sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and cascading reels.

Big Time Gaming has been quick to check for any copyright infringements, but the lawyers working for Leander have given Dynamic Ways the green light.
While this mechanic is clearly inspired by the famous MegaWays engine, it is not the same and it features different gaming mechanics to separate itself from BTG’s variant.

Who is Leander Games?

Leander Games was established in 2008, so this is a company with a good bit of experience to its name. It currently has offices in the Bahamas, Malta and Buenos Aires. Leander has a portfolio of more than 275 online casino games.

This consists of titles which it has developed in-house, and other games from independent software providers that have partnered with Leander Studios.

There are currently over 130 casinos offering Leander titles and the developer holds licences in 11 jurisdictions worldwide.

Leander Games video presentation

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It was only a matter of time for a new slots mechanic to appear that would rival MegaWays, and Leander Games’ Dynamic Ways may just be that one. Having played Gem Zone, we were impressed by the concept.

It delivered a new experience which is something we know players crave for. What will be interesting to see is how Leander evolves this product. Listening to the company’s CEO, we are excited to check out the upcoming Dynamic Ways slots.

Last update: 19-12-2019