With more and more online casinos accepting Klarna, our team checked out the pros and cons of this payment solutions provider.

Klarna casino payments

Klarna, or to use its complete name Klarna Bank AB, was founded in 2005 in Sweden. It offers safe, secure and easy-to-use online payment solutions for customers and businesses.

Klarna currently handles more than $22 billion in online sales transactions. In its home country, over 40% of all e-commerce transactions are dealt with by Klarna.

This is a very reputable company, which is why there is a growing number of Klarna casinos now available.

Which countries is Klarna available in?

Klarna started life serving customers in Sweden, but it didn't take long before it had expanded into multiple other Scandinavian countries, including Denmark, Finland and Norway.

After receiving investment from a growth equity company, Klarna began operations in several European countries, notably: Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland. In 2014, Klarna merged with German company SOFORT AG (a popular online casino payment in mainland Europe).

Further growth into Australia and the United States of America indicates that Klarna is on the verge of becoming a truly international payment method which is why we are seeing a steady rise in Klarna casinos these days.

What online casinos accept Klarna?

Klarna, SOFORT and SOFORT by Klarna (SOFORTKlarna) are all part of the Klarna Group. There are a huge number of online casinos that accept one of these three payment options gateways. SOFORT is one of the top options in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and several other mainland European countries, whereas Klarna has strong roots in the Nordic region.

The product offered will, therefore, depend on the country from where you are registering. Among the licensed and regulated Klarna casinos are:

Casino Withdrawal Time Rating Review Link
Casino 1-2 days 9/10 Read Review
Casino 1-5 days 9/10 Read Review
Casino 2-3 days 8/10 Read Review
Casino 2-4 days 7/10 Read Review
Casino 2-4 days 9/10 Read Review
Casino 1-3 days 8/10 Read Review
Casino 1-4 9/10 Read Review

How to make online casino deposits using Klarna?

Klarna offers a range of financial services, such as shop now, pay in 30 days, interest-free instalments and 6-36 months financing. However, when using Klarna to make online casino deposits, you must use the "Pay Now".

Effectively, Klarna acts as an intermediary between your bank account and the casino. All you need is some money in your bank to get started. Here is a step-by-step run-through of using Klarna.

  • Log in to the casino and head to the banking/cashier section
  • Select Klarna (or "SOFORTKlarna") as your payment method
  • Input the amount you wish to deposit. Obviously, you must have these funds available in your bank
  • Choose "bank/house bank", and enter your bank account number
  • Next, you need to authorize the payment via an OTP or 2FA
  • Initiate the transaction. The money will be credited instantly

We want to stress that your online banking access information (PIN or TAN) are never visible. Even Klarna cannot view this data.

Withdrawing funds using Klarna

The process of making withdrawals is just as easy as depositing. However, you will need a Klarna (or SOFORT) account to do this. Furthermore, this transaction is not instant. You will have to wait two or three days before your winnings show up in your account.

Klarna doesn't charge any fees for this service which makes it very appealing, but the casino operator might if you make multiple withdrawals within a specified time period.

Klarna Video Presentation

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Klarna provides an extra layer of security for players and it does offer buyer protection, so if something bad does happen, it's easy to get your money back.

Ultimately, the company's main feature is its credit services, but we could find any casinos allowing this option. Currently, everything is "Pay Now" in the online gaming world.

Last update: 13-02-2020