Flexepin is a payment method many online casino players use. Find out how it works to make purchases, and then discover the online casinos offering Flexepin.

Flexepin casinos online

Not everyone has a credit card or an e-wallet. There are also many casino players who prefer not to share their card and account details online.

For years, this has been an issue. A player wants to play online casino games; he has the money in cash to play but he doesn’t have the facility to get his money to the casino. Fortunately, this is changing now as more Flexepin casinos come online.

Flexepin is a top-up voucher that you can purchase over the counter using cash so you can make fast, secure and hassle-free online payments. The main selling point of Flexepin is that you do not have to share any bank or card details with the casino when making deposits. It is owned by FlexeWallet Pty Limited - an Australian-based company.

Flexepin top-up vouchers are issued in accordance with its Australian Financial Services License, and the company is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

Where and how to purchase Flexepin

Customers can purchase Flexepin top-up vouchers from thousands of retail locations throughout Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, and Romania. These can be bought in various currencies and pre-selected amounts using cash, debit cards and credit cards.

Flexepin has promised that from 2020 and beyond it will embark on a far more aggressive roll-out with more countries and purchase points becoming available. Therefore, don’t despair if it’s not available in your country just yet - it could be soon!

Alternatively, you are able to buy Flexepin vouchers online from a wider range of countries, including the UK, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Finland and a number of African countries.

How to use Flexepin at an online casino

All successful payment solutions are easy-to-use and that is one of the main reasons how they gain mainstream adoption. Flexepin ticks this box with ease. For those who have never tried this method before, follow our quick guide:

  1. purchase a Flexepin top-up voucher;
  2. create an account (if you do not have one already) at a Flexepin casino. We’ve provided a list of options below;
  3. go to the banking/deposits section, and click on the option to deposit by Flexepin;
  4. insert the amount you want to deposit. This cannot be more than the value of the voucher;
  5. type in the unique Flexepin 16-digit PIN number, and confirm payment;
  6. that is it. You are now ready to play.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Flexepin

The aim of CasinoAward’s payment processor reviews is to inform casino players (new and old) of the pros and cons of each option. After providing you with a balanced opinion, we then let you decide if the payment method in question suits your circumstances and meets your requirements.

What is most definitely a positive for using Flexepin is that there is absolutely no risk of your personal details being hacked. Although this rarely happens in 2020, it is still a possibility, which weighs on the mind of some players.

Another perk of Flexepin is that the deposit limits tend to be lower. We have found some sites in Australia with a minimum deposit of $1, so it caters to every bankroll size.

Furthermore, it is potentially a good method for controlling your expenditure. You can only deposit the value of the voucher, and once that is gone, you have to get another top-up. This isn’t quite as convenient as simply using a credit card, and this can be classed as a good thing we believe.

However, there are certain drawbacks to using Flexepin at an online casino. The main one is that you cannot withdraw back to the voucher. Therefore, you will need to use either a bank account (bank transfer), e-wallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, etc) or a credit card. Overall, this dilutes the value proposition of Flexepin casinos somewhat as you are forced to share personal information.

Additionally, its current availability is limited to the countries and regions specified above. There is also a small commission fee to pay in certain areas. For instance, if you buy a $100 top-up voucher, it can cost $102 or $103. While it isn’t too much, it does add up over time.

Flexepin Video Presentation

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Licensed Flexepin casinos

The majority of the best online casinos and sportsbooks using Flexepin cater to the Australian and Canadian markets. This is understandable because those are two countries where this product is currently most-easily accessible.

  • Videoslots
  • bet365 Australia (sports betting only)
  • Royal Vegas
  • Euro Palace
  • Platinum Play


Flexepin is not the first company to use this system. Basically, it works the same as Paysafe - and that’s been around for years. We like the idea of buying a code so you can purchase goods online. It is a very safe method for doing one-way transactions.

However, people play casino games in the hope of winning, and so a withdrawal method is a necessity (here's the pro and cons of all the withdrawal methods). For us, this removes the isolation that Flexepin delivers.

We urge all players to keep this in mind if you do decide to fund your casino account via Flexepin.

Last update: 27-04-2020