Recommend your friends to go and play at that amazing casino online you've stumbled upon, and receive your Refer a Friend bonus.

Refer a friend bonus

Imagine you've discovered a phenomenal online casino offering like as good no deposit bonuses, outstanding deals or an unbeatable player experience. Maybe you've even struck it lucky and won a jackpot, and you can't wait to tell your friends.

This is what a "Refer a Friend Bonus" is all about, with you getting paid to help your mates spend their hard-earned cash playing casino games online. Oh well, at least they'll have fun doing it, and if they ever do hit the big time, you can always tap them for a loan or two, reminding them that they would never have won if it wasn't for you!

How does a refer a friend bonus work?

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but to clarify, you will be paid by the casino for sending a new player their way.

What typically happens is that you receive a flat fee, one time, for sending your mates to a given website, where they will battle it out with casino bosses to try and take their cash.

Now you might think you're not much of a mate for doing this, but if you have friends who are going to play anyway, you might as well send them to a good, trustworthy site, and get a nice fee for doing so. At least... that's how we sleep at night! (Cue Dr. Evil laughter).

What do you get for referring a friend?

The deal will be different at every casino, and we'll cover some of those in a minute. However, in most cases, you will either get a cash sum which you can withdraw to your bank account, or you'll get a reward like a cash bonus or free spins (the second is far more common).

Either way, you will be up cash just for telling someone who enjoy online gambling about a great place to play. This is a win-win-win marketing strategy, since the casino gets a new player, you get paid, and your friend gets a top-quality gaming experience.

Where are the best Refer a Friend deals to be found?

It's extremely important that you only send your cherished mates to legitimate and worthy casinos, because it might be difficult to maintain a friendship if you send them to a site which takes their cash, freezes their account, and closes shop the following week while the owner sips cocktails from the deck of his 40-foot yacht in the Caribbean.

We've picked the following operators offering these kind of deals, because they are trustworthy and offer world-class services.

  1. - One of the biggest names in the industry, it is owned and operated by the Mansion Group, who, let us tell you, can more than afford to dish out a few refer a friend bonuses. You'll be credited with 50€/£ for every player you send them who makes a deposit. Not bad!
  2. Betfair - This casino has made quite a name for itself in recent years, and offers just about everything you could ask for all on one site. You can get 50€/£ per person you refer, meaning lots of free spins or hands of blackjack for you just for sending an e-mail, provided your mate actually signs up and plays.
  3. Paddy Power - Another huge name owned and operated by the PaddyPowerBetfair Group, this is the original, flagship site, frequented by hundreds of thousands of players across the world. You can get another bonus for sending your mates to play here, meaning more ways for you to play risk-free.

Bottom line

If you know people who regularly play casino games online, it makes perfect sense to nudge them in the right direction and send them to a great gaming website.

If you've had a terrific experience at an online casino, why not share it and invite your friends to play there with you?

Last update: 30-09-2019