There are countless bonuses and promotions out there: how do you choose the right ones for you?

Choosing bonuses and promotions

One of the key features of web-based gambling sites is that they constantly offer their users bonuses and promotions, especially to those players who have just signed on. But how do you know if the bonus is worth it?
Virtual games services offer an "extra" cash credit, which is added to the real money deposited, so that players have larger sums in their accounts and can make higher bets.

There are different types of bonuses: deposit, no-deposit and other special ones. Most of these offers are advantageous but you still need to be aware that this isn't money being given away freely: each of them, in fact, is always bound by specific conditions.

So, let's take a look at a few simple factors: the key parameters that you need to consider when choosing a bonus, the most common forms of credit and how to take advantage of the offers. This guide will give you a quick overview, if you want details on the promotions that are currently available, take a look at our complete list.

How to choose: parameters to consider

When you are evaluating an offer made by an online casino, there are essentially four parameters to take into consideration: the maximum reward amount, the percentage, the requirements (playthrough, wagering and betting volumes), and the way the credit is awarded to you.

  • Reward amount: this is the maximum amount (in euros) that can be withdrawn under the form of a bonus. A sentence like "up to 500€" means that the player can receive no more than 500€ as extra credit, regardless of the deposit amount.
  • Percentage: this refers to the percentage of the deposit considered when calculating the amount of the bonus. For example, on a deposit of 100€, a percentage of 50% gives the player another 50€ to bet with, while a percentage of 200% gives the player an additional 200€ (up to the maximum permitted).
  • Requirements: these are the conditions applied, which are usually under the form of betting volume. They are sometimes called playthrough or wagering. They may also determine the amount of the bonus or the deposit, depending on the rules of the gambling house. In essence, these indicate the total a player needs to bet, without accounting for whether or not the player won during the sessions. The lower this value is, the better! Here's an example: to release a bonus of 100€ with a 20x playtrough, you need to create a betting volume equivalent to 100 * 20 = 2000€.
  • How it is released: immediately, progressively or gradually? The first ones are available straight away, the second ones are released after certain requirements have been met, and the third ones are partially released rather than given all at once. The bonuses made available immediately usually have less favourable conditions than the progressive rewards.
  • Other conditions: the operator you have chosen may apply other conditions. Be very careful and avoid the casinos whose bonuses block withdrawal if specific requirements aren't met!

Are some promotions better than others?

It is quite simple to request a bonus, just read the terms & conditions published by each gambling website for its available promotions. In general, there are three ways a bonus can be requested:

  • Automatically: the player doesn't have to do anything because it is activated automatically.
  • With a code: this one is activated if a special code is inserted when making a deposit. The codes are published on the pages dedicated to the specific offer.
  • Through a button or assistance: some bonuses have to be explicitly requested either by clicking on an activation button or by contacting the customer support via a live chat.

Choosing a bonus is a very subjective process. Some casinos feature just one big welcome package, while others give a range to choose from. The one that suits your profile the best depends on your preferences. Do you want to play it straight away? Do you want to release it so that you aren't limited later on? Your choice.


Our advice is to choose the promotions that have the lowest possible betting or waging requirements. And if they are "real" (without requirements), all the better!

Last update: 30-09-2019