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The purpose of this website and of the team behind it is to provide all the necessary information for the players to be aware of all the aspects related to gambling on the Internet.

However, to define our mission in these terms is limited. In fact, we are also very much committed to providing our users with a series of resources that can be useful both for the person who approaches online gaming for the first time, and the more experienced players.

For this reason, we have created comprehensive casino guides; objective reviews along with in-depth evaluations of the featured operators; list of gaming platforms divided by category; information about the bonuses and relative requirements; presentations of the most recent games, and the latest news from this exciting world.

Gambling online represents one of the most flourishing sectors on the web and to be appreciated it must be well-understood. Almost ten years spent getting to know this field inside out allows us to have a pretty clear understanding of it and be able to share our findings with our users. We tend to define ourselves as "experts in the field" or at least "experienced players". In fact, we know online casinos both from the players' point of view and from the technical one. If you are looking for objective and unbiased opinions on the world of online casinos, you certainly are in the right place.

The operators that we have approved and chosen are the ones that we truly consider worthy of being played at and that do not present poor quality standards. We would never recommend, for example, a casino where the player has to somehow "unlock" the winnings he has gained and deserves. Furthermore, we will never promote one that has not obtained a governmental license to operate legally.

We also commit ourselves to educating our users to responsible gaming and on the prevention of gambling addiction. To do this, we have dedicated an entire section of the portal to this very important issue and have decided to include reminders on every page of the website because we expect our users to always play responsibly.

We thank you for visiting our site and do hope that the information found on our website will be for you an added value, when choosing the right online casino.

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